1. Starting off one of the JRMC 202 adventurous assignments on campus where we had to head off to some students and faculty to ask them about the effect of social media on the society. #JRMC202  
  2. Our first professor to consult was Dr. Naila Hamdy, assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, where she said that social media has affected the world negatively. 
  3. Then we went off in the plaza to ask one of the students about social media.the questions was about  her favourable TV channels which she gets her news from. 
  4. Then we had to ask one of the club presidents on campus about their activities and how do they help  students on campus outside class. 
  5. The next person was one of the oldest staff member of the university who had a quite record of the changes happened throughout the years at AUC. The fun fact here is that Mr. Mery photographed 104 graduation ceremonies. 
  6. Another student was asked about the various clubs on campus and what clubs she joined. 
  7. Then we luckily bumped into Farida Salem, an IMC major student and one of the outstanding soccer players. We asked her about sports varieties and her favorite sports. 
  8. Another sportive student we ran into was Laila El Bassiouni, a political science major student and one of the swimming team on campus. We asked her about the activities held on campus and what does she loves the most about them. 
  9. Ibrahim El Sayed, an Economics major student at AUC, was asked about the food outlets on campus and which of them is his favourite. 
  10. One of the scenic place on campus that shows us spring is all year long. This place is on the left of the AUC library and right in front of L'Aroma Cafe. 
  11. This spot is one of my favourite places to hang out and relax. This place is relaxing because it views the AUC gardens and it is right beside the library.
  12. Another favourite spot of my project partner, Nourhan, loves the most. It is in the HUSS building in front of the MUN office. 
  13. After a 75 minutes assignment with touring on campus and asking questions to students we ended our adventure.