First MoodleMoot in India #mootin16

6 February 2016, New Delhi


  1. Moodle is possibly the world's most widely used online learning platform: there are millions of registered Moodle sites. It's free and open source software, and there's a big community of passionate Moodle developers, teachers, advocates, and Partner companies. MoodleMoots (or Moodle events) are regularly held in different countries, and for the first time a MoodleMoot was held in India on 6 February 2016.
  2. Martin Dougiamas, the founder of Moodle, gave the first keynote:
  3. The diversity of organisations that use Moodle is stunning!
  4. Some trivia...
  5. Martin spoke about the essentials of teaching and learning with Moodle...
  6. But unfortunately there weren't enough teachers listening to all this!
  7. is an excellent free option for teachers looking to make a start with Moodle
  8. After Martin's talk, we got started with short talks by various speakers. I think there were nearly 20 talks in all - a lot for one day! Some are captured below.