Light Up Rave Clothing by Electric Styles


  1. Rave fashions are heading into the main stream again.  Raves were created with the combination of intense electronic house music, glow sticks and a creative “over the top” sense of fashion and dance moves.  Over the years the Rave scene has made a legitimate place for itself in the music industry as well as fashion.  If you look at the 2012 German or Paris fashion Weeks, Rave clothing is mostly what is seen, from fuzzy boots and sexy rompers to glowing bracelets and light up clothing, Rave wear is on the rise. 

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    Rave clothing is a rebellious and bold fashion that used to consist of whatever you could put together out of your closet or wacky styles you could find at the thrift store combined with gummy bracelets and glow sticks; this is not the case today.  Today you can find hundreds of stores and wholesalers online that cater to the various styles of today’s rave culture. The rave culture is much different from the everyday styles of society.  It has a unique style with limitless fun possibilities that becomes a media of expression.  Wearing the right rave clothes is key to avoid being a rave outcast or “elephant”.  Dressing out of proportion or out of bounds of rules of rave can be very embarrassing.  Rave parties a full of youth, music, fun, and self-expression.  Adopting an appropriate style will allow you to not only express yourself but is essential to attracting a dance partner. 

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  2.   Although Rave styles are usually reserved for the rave scene or other artistic and expression driven functions like Burning Man or the Coachella Valley gathering, as its popularity increases you can see it starting to show in other areas of main stream fashion.  As the popularity has grown, so have the fashions.   
         You can find anything from furry leg warmers and monster costumes to neon bodysuits and glowing wigs across the internet today, you name it and it’s there.  With hundreds of styles and thousands of combinations you are sure to find what you need to create a look that is Rave and original. Lingerie is popular item in rave fashion.  Neon teddies and black light corsets along with fishnets and pasties are common clothing in the rave environment. Glow in the dark as well as black light powered clothing, clothing that is made with designs in the fabric only brought out when underneath a black light, is very popular among the rave culture.  .  

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  3.    Light up clothing is quickly becoming some of the most popular apparel on the rave market today.  The first light up bra was introduced at the Burning Man festival in 2010 by Electric Styles.  The concept was simple; a bra with neon designs that were not just glow sticks but actual el wire that operates on batteries.  It was a hit as soon as it arrived, since then Electric Styles has developed a number of different styles for the bra as well as expanded into other types of popular rave clothing.  Another popular item in light up clothing is the furry leg warmers.  Furry leg warmers, boas, and tails have long been a part of rave fashion.  Adding glowing neon lights just seems like the next logical step, right?  Well those are just some of the light up clothing items you can find today.   Light up hoodies are popular with the rave culture as they allow the user to appear to be wearing a normal zip up hoodie but with the flip of a switch the zipper and collar line light up and you are ready to rave. You can get just about anything light up today; ties, sunglasses, and if you have a creative side you can always purchase el strips and make your own custom light up clothing.  El strips are sold in a variety of colors and sizes so it’s easy to find something that fits ones expressive style. 
  4.     Accessories are another major component of rave fashion.  The proper amount of accessories is required for different outfits.  There are literally thousands of accessories for rave fashion on the market today.  The proper fake eyelashes combined with proper monster backpack and leggings can set the tone for a successful rave.  The use of colored wigs and furry monster hoods are popular in the rave expression.  Just about any accessory you can think of is available via the web today. 
         Today’s rave culture has proven to be more than just a fad.  It has impacted not only club style fashions but everyday fashion styles as well.  It is obvious by the growing amount of ecommerce associated with Rave clothing that the rave scene is not going by the way side anytime soon.  As the rave culture continues to grow so will the fashions and demands that go along with it.