'American Sniper' is dangerous propaganda that sanitizes a mass killer & rewrites the Iraq war

While the glorification of American psycho sniper Chris Kyle on the big screen is atrocious, the movie's rewriting of the US destruction of Iraq and racist portrayal of Arabs is worse and far more dangerous.

  1. Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who the Oscar-nominated box office sensation "American Sniper" is based on, wrote a book by the same name that encapsulates his hatred, bigotry and enthusiasm for killing Iraqi "savages". But Kyle's unrepentant bloodlust is missing from the movie, which valorizes him as an anguished hero.
  2. So here is the real Chris Kyle in his own words:
  3. In stark contrast, the Hollywood version of Chris Kyle is complex and likable. I knew going into the movie that Kyle would be sanitized for mass appeal. What I was not prepared for is the outrageous lengths to which the film goes to erase US criminality in Iraq while portraying the local Arab population, including small children, as irrationally violent monsters.
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