What's The Big Deal?

I've noticed an interesting trend among Conservatives who express their feelings about why other Conservatives latch on to certain stories. These stories in their minds are irrelevant, petty, or just plain stupid. Let's take the Kerry Yacht story...


  1. More people get..it's a story...
  2. From my buddy Ed Morrissey at Hotair who brushes it off as a "non-story" to Mrs. Sausage Cookies who says we should just "hammer him for doing his job".  Ed brings up a fair point in his blog post about the hypocrisy of Conservatives attacking the wealthy, but that's not our point - at least it's not mine.
  3. Ben Howe; the photoshoping, BuzzFeeding, quasi-editor of RedState quickly gets to the "story".  This is something Joe Wilson was way ahead of the curve on when he was bold enough to yell out to the man-child: "You Lie".
  4. Yes, if you get down to the core root of frustration and anger among Conservatives it is in the simple truth that DC defies all logic and standards that 99% of us have to apply to our daily lives.  So, when we see one party emboldened and blatantly committed to breaking us down bit by bit, and then the party that is supposed to be representing "we the people" hiding in the corner with their tails between their legs - WE GET PISSED. So YES, it's a big deal that the State Department flat out lied and why do they feel comfortable doing so?  Cause they get away with it all the time and we're sick of it. We get hearings after hearings on MAJOR stories like Benghazi and the IRS and nothing seems to stick and it's getting old fast.  So, when you get a chance to call them FLAT OUT LIARS, you make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks its news worthy and relative:
  5. And FINALLY, without these petty little events we would never see the brilliance & creativity of so many Tweeples:
  6. Update (7/6/13 8:10am) - Non-Story now up on Hotair from their Editor...