Fox News Changes "Militant" to "Extremist"?

Maybe I'm making something out of nothing, but it did catch my eye, and for Conservatives and normal Americans, words matter. It seems that the Associated Press was first to break the story about the Nigerian Nightmare saying it was done by Islamist MILITANTS.


  1. Update 7/6/13 12:28pm:  NY Times just had to leave Islamist out of their headline and the Washington Times chose the word "Radicals"..interesting..
  2. Every other news outlet that picked up the story left in the "Militant" wording except Fox News who chose to go with "Extremist". Why?  Islamic Militants who kill people are by definition "extremists", but not all extremists set out to kill innocent children.
  3. When reporting on the violence in Egypt just a day earlier they called those extremists "militant"...