Newsroom Overshare

This brief conversation between co-workers occurred in the newsroom where I work a few nights ago.


  1. Things you should know before you read: My desk happens to be in a high-traffic area of the newsroom, and as anyone who works there can tell you, we like distracting each other from our jobs as much as possible. This conversation wasn't directly aimed at me, but as it happened near my desk, I was a sideline participant. 
  2. At this point, the conversation fizzles somewhat and we're all kind of staring around in general -- and in the case of the second woman and I, empathetic -- misery. To break the silence, the first woman goes for pushing personal boundaries.
  3. We all dissolved into giggles, the first woman recognizing how ridiculous she must look, and the second merely reacting. 
  4. All in all, it's a good thing they're co-workers and friends.