Found! The Luckiest Unlucky dog!

I found a chihuahua after it had just been hit twice by two different cars.


  1. HIT BY TWO DIFFERENT CARS. At least five people standing on a porch, just watching. They did nothing. I'm still a little steamed. 
  2. He was snapping and snarling, flopping like a fish. His hindquarters wouldn't work and he'd peed himself, of course. I didn't know whether he would bite the shit out of me, but I put my hand to his head slowly, and he didn't, and traffic was by then driving AROUND us, so I put my hands under his shoulders and moved him to the sidewalk. Attached a leash (because I'm that guy) so he wouldn't run and hurt himself more and lifted him into my car. 
  3. Yep. :) 
  4. He climbed into my lap on his OWN at the vet. That's where he wanted to be. Oh, oh.