Feminism talk: Lad culture

The tweets which were live tweeted at the event. I hope I managed to get the main points and opinions right. It turns out it's quite hard to tweet concisely and listen at the same time.


  1. So we started the talk, had to move to a bigger room, but even that wasn't big enough!
  2. I also apologise, I couldn't remember the professors & lecturers full names, so I did just use their first names. (I do apologise)
  3. This is probably the best definition of Laddism I've heard so far, it's not the exact wording, but it did for twitter with its 140 character constraints...
  4. Talking about different organisations which act as a refuge.
  5. Dr Madeleine Davis finished here on this point, and then Professor Karin Lesnik-Oberstein took the floor.
  6. How little change there has been:
  7. Pretty much the entire reasoning for the backlash against all liberation groups.
  8. Susie Orbach's book - fat is a feminist issue. Recommended by Professor Lesnik-Oberstein. (She also recommended another book, but I can't remember what it is)!