Michigan dashes VCU's Sweet 16 hopes

Here's a look back at what was happening on Twitter before, during and after the VCU game.


  1. Before the game, VCU fans were very excited and optimistic about VCU's chances against Michigan.
  2. However, the first half of the game didn't go as Rams fans had hoped. VCU trailed Michigan by 15 points. Some people on Twitter were hopeful for a comeback and others were already calling the game for Michigan.
  3. But VCU has come back from behind to win before, as @rvaRAMnews pointed out.
  4. To say the least, the second half of the game was a rough one for Rams fans. 
  5. Ultimately, VCU wasn't able to pull off the comeback. The Rams fought hard and unleashed some havoc but it wasn't enough to take down the Wolverines in their home sate. The final score was 53 - 78. Michigan will play the winner of the Kansas/UNC game on Friday, March 29.