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16 Best #IdleNoMore Round Dance Videos

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  1. As you know, we began our #IdleNoMore coverage with Ryan McMahon's excellent piece, that first dubbed this The Round Dance Revolution. But let's recount our favourite round dances of the countless gatherings and dances that have been held around the world since December 17th.
  2. And, yes Gandalf, even the hobbits were invited...
  3. After the round dance phenomenon started taking over every shopping centre imaginable, Twitter was quick to notice the diversity of the gatherings and their incredible power.
  4. So, celebrating our unity as well as our diversity, here are our picks for the 15 Best #IdleNoMore Round Dance Videos. It could well have been the Top 100, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. Aho!
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  6. #16. Denendeh / Yellowknife, NWT - December 21, 2012
  7. Braving -38°C temperatures, plus another -10 with wind chill, the dedicated IdleNoMore crew in Denendeh circled up in the centre of town and repped their own style with a Dene drum dance to keep the people moving and battle quick-numbing feet and toes. Love it! 
  8. Idle No More Denendeh
  9. #15. San Jose, California - December 27, 2012
  10. Bringing together the eagle and the condor in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of both the north and south, this rally in San Jose shows that, just like in Denendeh, it's not about duplicating the round dance tradition, it's about representing where and who you are. Amazing.
  11. Idle no more San Jose California
  12. #14. Okanagan Nation, BC - December 22, 2012
  13. Women from the Okanagan Nation sang beautiful songs in honour of Chief Theresa Spence at this gathering. We don't know if there was a round dance in front of the stage—but it hardly matters, these are powerful songs.
  14. Idle No More Okanagan Nation Women - Songs For Theresa Spence - YouTube
  15. #13. Australia - December 27, 2012
  16. In a rapid-fire clip of just 32 seconds, our brothers from down under represent powerfully with this song and dance of solidarity with the global #IdleNoMore movement. Warrior up!
  17. #12. West Vancouver - Park Royal Shopping Centre - December 23, 2012
  18. Representing in huge numbers, the Squamish Nation and a ton of friends, allies and family, packed into the Park Royal mall and did it up loud, west coast style.
  19. Idle No More West Vancouver, Park Royal Shopping Centre, Dec 23 2012 (High Def)
  20. #11: Ottawa - Parliament Hill - December 20, 2012