Journée Phare 2012

A social summary of Journée Phare 2012, including keynotes Koninck (optogenetics) and Edwards (Open Access Drug Design) - scroll to find the sections describing keynotes


  1. You can find all abstracts, and I am told, shortly, videos of all talks. As new material becomes available, small edits may occur. Stay tuned.(The picture above is that of Yves de Koninck, one of the keynotes, it must be a bug from storify that makes it appear instead of the logo of Journée Phare).
  2. I (@RNajmanovich) decided to push for a more social component on the conference but as all starts go, it is a slow one, so as it shows below, comments are sparse for most talks, other than keynotes and even then mostly from myself. In any case, the experience was positive and I will repeat it at other conferences (For example #GRASP2012 ). Please join in.The conference began with a short presentation of the platform Science on the Spot, used for abstract submission, comment and interactions during the poster session
  3. You can connect to Science on the Spot even now after the conference and check and comment on any of the abstracts.
  4. Student talks followed, but below only some are mentioned, those that generated twitter reactions.First:"Un traitement chronique avec le MPEP, un antagoniste du récepteur métabotropique glutamatergique de type 5 (mGluR5), prévient le développement des complications motrices chez un modèle de singe parkinsonien de novo" - by Nicolas Morin, Larent Grégoire, Marc Morissette & Thèrese Di Paolo
  5. This was followed by a talk on an artificial digestive system. Here is the title:"L'IViDiS, un outil révolutionnaire pour faciliter le développement de molécules pharmacologiques" - Marc-André Giguère, Isabelle Mainville & Yves Arcand.
  6. "Involvement of Matriptase in Influenza Virus Activation and Multicycle Replication in the Human Airway Epithelium" - Émile Gravel, Alexandre Beaulieu, Alexandre Cloutier, Éloic Colombo, Isabelle Marois, Antoine Désilets, Catherine Verreault, Richard Leduc, Éric Marsault & Martin V. Richter
  7. Poster sessions, really good discussions and extra value added by the Science on the Spot interface. QR codes allow users to get to the abstract, add comments - and continue the conversation after the conference.
  8. Science on the Spot tweeted the link to the abstract above that is being discussed:
  9. First Keynote of the day."Nouveaux outils pour sonder le cerveau avec la lumière" - Yves de Noninck