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October 2017 News Round Up

A selection of geographical stories that have made the headlines this month


  1. Spain or Catalonia: How did we get here?

  2. Can we engineer a way to stop a hurricane?

  3. Why can't California control the wildfires?

  4. Picking up pieces after horrific Durban storm

  5. Scientists hope damage to Larsen C ice shelf will reveal ecosystems

  6. El Nino contributes to new high in CO2 levels

  7. UNESCO: Israel joins US in quitting UN heritage agency over 'anti-Israel bias'

  8. When we discovered how the Earth really works

  9. We're all connected now, so why is the internet so white and western?

  10. World will need 'carbon sucking' technology by 2030s, scientists warn

  11. Rio's post-Olympic blues

  12. Carbon emissions from warming soils could trigger disastrous feedback loop