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News Round Up January 2016

A selection of geographical stories that have made the headlines this month


  1. How cities grow: the ages of houses - mapped

  2. Human impact has pushed Earth into antropocene, scientists say

  3. The Dutch are going to give the UK lessons on how a low country can avoid flooding

  4. Gentrification X: how an academic argument became the people's protest

  5. Linking India's rivers: critics rally to protest 'illegal and unneccessary' plans

  6. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are struggling to share the Nile

  7. Richest 62 billionaires as wealthy as half of the world population combined

  8. UK Floods:Drones provide unique data

  9. Bolivia's second largest lake dries up and may be gone forever, lost to climate change

  10. Cameron's 'sink estate' strategy comes at a human cost

  11. Watch how Storm Jonas Battered the US East Coast