News Round Up September 2016

A selection of geographical stories that have made the headlines this month


  1. Shoppers in England now far more likely to use their own bags

  2. Snap-happy tourists can play a part in preserving threatened heritage for the future

  3. More women are running the world, so why aren't more men doing the dishes? Dr Alice Evans, from the Department of Geography at Cambridge University, discusses.

  4. How Britain is faring with its EU energy targets

  5. Global coral bleaching event might become new normal

  6. The UK's first food waste supermarket opens: in pictures

  7. Edward Burtynsky's corrupted landscapes: aerial photography that shows how much human activity has affected the planet

  8. How happy are you with your city? EU report data in pictures

  9. Japanense volcano: major eruption in next 30 years, say experts

  10. Data and the City: mapping the urban heartbeat

  11. Louisiana struggles a month after devasting US floods

  12. How can food security in Africa be achieved?