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News Round Up April 2016

A selection of geographical stories that have made the headlines this month


  1. A natural wonder lost to a volcano has been rediscovered

  2. Dry times: meagre rainfall is only part of the problem for India’s farmers

  3. Why Britain's class system will have to change

  4. Improving with age? How city design is adapting to older populations

  5. Where is the riskiest place to live?

  6. What dust from the Sahara does to you and the planet

  7. The trig pillars that helped map Great Britain: 80th anniversary of the triangulation pillar

  8. Ecuador earthquake: President Correa calls national emergency following 7.8 magnitude quake

  9. Who should pay for parks? A history of public parks

  10. Japan earthquake: thousands flee amid concerns over volcanoes and aftershocks

  11. This is how far seas could rise thanks to climate change

  12. Four fifths of China's water from wells 'unsafe because of pollution