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News round up April 2015

A selection of geographical stories that have made the headlines this month.


  1. Nepal Earthquake and Avalanche Latest:

  2. PICTURE NEWS: Rescue workers remove debris as they search for victims of earthquake in Bhaktapur near Kathmandu.Picture: Niranjan Shrestha/AP

  3. PICTURE NEWS: People try to free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building in Kathmandu, Nepal, after an earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale hit the area Picture: EPA/NARENDRA SHRESTHA

  4. PICTURE NEWS: Health workers take care of injured people outside the Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital in Kathmandu Picture: EPA

  5. PICTURE NEWS: Officials said 10 people were killed when an avalanche buried parts of Mount Everest's base camp in Nepal where hundreds of mountaineers have gathered at the start of the annual climbing season.Picture: Azim Afif

  6. Chile declares emergency as Calbuco volcano erupts
  7. A state of emergency has been declared after the Calbuco volcano in Chile, thought to be one of the country's most destructive, spewed clouds of ash and smoke twice in one day. A twelve mile radius around the volcano has been evacuated, with around five thousand people in total leaving the area. The eruptions, which are the first to occur in forty three years, have produced ash clouds some six miles high, cancelling flights around the volcano until it clears.

  8. PICTURE NEWS: Smoke and ash rise from the Calbuco volcano as seen from the city of Puerto Montt. The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile erupted for the first time in more than five decades on Wednesday, sending a thick plume of ash and smoke several kilometres into the sky.Picture: REUTERS/SergioCandia