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News Round Up June 2016

A selection of geographical stories that have made the headlines this month


  1. Will the Great Barrier Reef be gone in 35 years?

  2. How Brexit threatens Britain's food security

  3. The soup kitchen putting London's air quality on the menu

  4. Antarctica's tourism industry is designed to prevent damage, but can it last?

  5. 11 ideas for urban water security in developing countries

  6. Icelandic volcano on brink of eruption, warns professor

  7. EU referendum: The result in maps

  8. What is the EU?

  9. What is it about Glastonbury's location which makes it so muddy?

  10. Cornwall's new status shows how regionalism is changing nation states everywhere

  11. The growth of the European community

  12. Maps have 'north' at the top, but it could've been different