1. Caroline Lucas is the only Green Party MP in the UK parliament at Westminster - one of 650 MPs.
  2. She wasn't happy with what was happening to the NHS so raised a 'bill' - a bill is a draft law that is being put forward, and if agreed by a majority of MP's at Westmisnters becomes the law of the land.
  3. Caroline Lucas, the Green party’s only MP, will present a bill to parliament which aims to reverse large parts of the last government’s Health and Social Care Act 2012.
  4. The bill/new law was intended to reverse a large part of a new law that the government had created.
  5. The government of the UK is made up of other elected MP's - led by the Prime Minister who is also an MP and the leader of the party with the most MPs.
  6. The private members bill, named the NHS reinstatement bill, has received cross-party support, including the backing of Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn, Liberal Democrat MP John Pugh and the SNP’s health spokesperson Philippa Whitford.
  7. Although Caroline is the only Green MP in the UK parliament, other MPs from other parties agreed with her bill and supported it.
  8. “It’s time to take a stand for our NHS. I’m honoured to be presenting the bill with such strong cross-party support but, to take the campaign for a truly public NHS to the next level, it’s vital that the Labour party comes forward to back the bill.”
  9. Unfortunately for her despite support from other parties and MP's the bill did not make it through to become law.
  10. So the voters of Brighton Pavilion (Carolines constituency) elected an Green MP - and despite her being the only Green MP in our parliament she almost created a new law.

  11. How many laws have been created in the Brussels parliament simply because an MEP (or a few MEPs) wanted it to be created?
  12. Oh... in the EU parliament, MEPs can't create any laws themselves... only the EU commission are allowed to create new 'bills' - the elected MEP's do get to vote on whether the bills become low or not, but this often looks like the voting for the Eurovision song contest - where the votes are based on national loyalties rather than the content/value/quality of what is actually being voted on.
  13. The EU Commission, who are the EU's government is not elected - its members are appointed by the president of the commission - the president and commission are not MEPs, they are not elected to the European Parliament by us. They are bureaucrats - administrators - usually politicians from EU members who have been voted out of office because their own country no longer wants them.
  14. There are many obvious faults in the way the EU government (commission) and parliament work - and it is easy to suggest improvements that could be made. However, we must consider why these obvious flaws exist and why they haven't already been fixed... that is 'why the EU still needs reform'.
  15. It seems the truth is that the EU cannot be reformed - the reasons may not be clear, but many people have tried. Even with the UK on the verge of voting to leave the EU, David Cameron couldn't get the EU to agree to any real/meaningful reform... if this can't persuade them to agree to reform do you really think anything can? I don't.
  16. The EU - with it's Commission, it's Government - unelected, unaccountable and unreformable. . It is a lost cause and that is even assuming you think the same laws for 500,000,000 people could ever be a good idea!

  17. By the way Caroline Lucas and an assoiciate complained to me about the use of the quote at the top of this story - they said that the next line of the quote was saying that it was better to remain in the EU and block TTIP from there - however I traced it back to this facebook post.
  18. There is nothing about the EU in there that I can see - however it is another example of a UK MP being able to directly input to UK law - something way beyond what an MEP can do.
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