Design Enterprise 2015 #desent15

My experience of the Design Enterprise module.


  1. Assignment 1

  2. As a group, we quickly created a brand and started work on identifying which companies we wanted to reach out to.
  3. I think it's important to love what you do and be happy in your work, and I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the Design Enterprise module and have met fellow students at DJCAD who I wouldn't have without this module. Working with people who come from different creative backgrounds is hugely beneficial and I'm grateful to have had this opportunity.
  4. Hand writing our postcards to send out! #desent15
    Hand writing our postcards to send out! #desent15
  5. One of the companies we were interested in tweeted our postcard once they had received it. Unfortunately we were unable to organise a meeting with Blue Marmalade in time for our Assignment 1 Presentation.
  6. However we were able to get in touch with Splintr, a group of three product designers from DJCAD who all graduated last year and are now making headlines for their work! An inspiration if there ever was one that it's completely possible to create your own business after graduation. And that it can be successful!
  7. It was great to go down to Edinburgh to see Splintr and find out how they are operating as a business. It was an incredibly insightful meeting. They told us about the realities of working for yourself and said that it's been a massive learning curve but they're loving what they do.
  8. After our meeting it was back to Dundee to pull together our presentation!

  9. Food On Friday - Volunteering

  10. For me, the biggest highlight of taking Design Enterprise has been meeting Anthea Reid, Project Manager at Food On Friday and an all round inspiringly passionate women. I’ve had the privilege of working with Anthea for a few months now and have absolutely loved the experience. I'm so pleased to be helping children and families in Dundee, a city that has become my second home and has changed so much in the three years that I've been here. It’s a pleasure to be given the opportunity to use my skills as a designer to benefit a charity and I plan to continue to work closely with Anthea in her future ventures.