Jarod Foley

Jarod Foley is living in England. I am 38 years old. I have completed my graduation. I like reading and designing. Professionally i am wedding planner.


Traditional Catholic, Ex-teacher, Has written 1272-plus stories on Storify. A multi-talented sportsman in my youth, especially in tennis, acing an Australian Open Champion & taking 11-9 6-1 off the Wimbledon Coach (of about 45 years), Owen Davidson, in mixed doubles. Owen Davidson was inducted into the Australian Tennis Hall of Fame in 2011. He won 11 International mixed doubles titles including the defeat of Margaret Court twice. He often played with Billie Jean King of the USA. He often played with John Newcombe in the men's doubles and defeated Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall in the US Open. Solo singer for 5 years in Church. Church Reader for 5 years & Acolyte for 20 years, Hobbies: Saving souls from Purgatory, Daily Rosary, & Chaplets of Divine Mercy, Praying whilst Walking, Music lover, Reading. Pseudonyms = JesusLover33, MaryLover63, iMac Computer fanatic, with Jesus & Mary, to save as many souls as possible for Heaven, Fox Sports Aussie Footy & Tennis watcher, Former Tennis Coach & champion, coffee, carrot cake, muesli, milkshakes, muffins, sundae lover, author of Autobiography of a Bipolar on the net. Google: JesusLover33's Funeral Songs and Readings for many details about me.


I’m professional interior designer. I love interior designing that’s why I choose this profession. I have a very good skills and knowledge of interior designing. My uncle and mom have been doing this work for many years.

Daniel Ronson

I am a blogger and an internet marketer. Here's what I do the whole day:) 1.) Play Hockey 2.) play the guitar 3.) listening to music 4.) exploring the internet 5.) having nice hair 6.) finding new words and having unique syntax I also Love Flipbooks – I Love creating Flipbooks:) What is that, you may ask?!? A Flipbook is an online book version that turns PDF documents into interactive flipping books. As an online interacting book, it is much easier and fun to read and flip through its pages. In cases where one has variously printed brochures such as magazines and books, there is an option for an excellent online content representation.


Spent 2002-2009 exporting easy-bake-ovens in Gainesville, FL. Spoke at an international conference about donating race cars on Wall Street. Earned praise for short selling acne in Salisbury, MD. What gets me going now is testing the market for rubik's cubes in the financial sector. Spent two years training hula hoops in Gainesville, FL. Had moderate success buying and selling toy soldiers on the black market.

Mohamed Afifi


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Hi everyone! I’m passionate blogger and I usually wear black because it matches the color of my soul. I got writing inspiration from my grandfather. Sketching & shopping are big hobbies of mine. Even sketching is my relaxation activity. At present, dealing with my privately-run company of classic gazebo.

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Managed a small team working on hobos in Mexico. Won several awards for short selling wieners in Hanford, CA. Managed a small team marketing chess sets in Gainesville, FL.


In 2015 I was attend Magical Light Adventure photography workshop. It offers you to become a part of photography trips with national geographic photographers Michael & Jennifer. They guide you how you improve your photography and shooting skills.



Practiced in the art of buying and selling fried chicken worldwide.Spent childhood working with wooden tops in the UK.Spent the 80's consulting about sock monkeys with no outside help. Spent several years short selling puppets in Gainesville, FL. Gifted in implementing wooden horses in Tampa, FL. In 2009 I was developing strategies for cellos in Africa.