Amanda Witthaus and Austin Van Booven

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  1. For... Brenda Jean Van Booven, Cole David VanBooven, Taylor Leighanne, Anita VanBooven, Jesse VanBooven-Bolte, Linda Vanbooven and so many others... thinking of you today.. Prayers for you today...
  2. I have been thinking about this a lot since Thurs night. Last week, my cousin and his family got a call NO parent should ever get... ( I want to word this properly because I am not "dogging" anyone) But Farm Boys are a different breed~ Don't get me wrong I LOVE MY URBAN BOYS- BUT FARM BOYS.. wow.. I grew up going to a farm almost every weekend but guess as a young "girl" you don't see behind the scenes- I was reading the awesome tribute from a brother about his brother who had passed away. NOW unless Austin Lee was some type of superhero and worked his butt off Morning, Noon and Night my boys are wimps! I have never seen my boys do half of the chores these Farm Boys do on a daily basis! My boys would complain and do complain when they have to bring in 20 pcs of wood- but to the Farm Boys- its a way of life! I know we cant all be farmers, but other kids, mine included, need to spend more time on farms so they can see how lucky they are! Maybe we should ship our kids off to a farm for a summer!! Or maybe have them raised by farmers until the Age of 10?? My hat is off to all Farmers!! Male and Female!! To the wife's of farmers/ daughters, sisters and moms I am proud of the sacrifices you make daily!! I'm PROUD TO KNOW SOME FARM BOYS!!! HEY Cole David VanBooven you wanna train my boys?
  3. Lord, please be with the Witthaus family today and days to come. My heart weighs heavy for them.
  4. We will be blowing up around 200 balloons for Amanda Witthaus memorial balloon release 7am Sat. in the gym at St. George if anyone wants to come help. Balloon release will follow funeral dinner on Sat.
  5. Home from the funeral home. The outpouring of support from this community was so great! Amanda was an organ donor and has helped 50 people. Along with Austin helping over 100 people and Amanda they have helped over 150 people..SO if you were ever thinking of becoming an organ donor, please stop what you are doing right now , and go sign your driver's license. You never know when your time here on earth will be up, and wouldn't it be great to help someone else...
  6. Died to young. Should have never happened.
  7. Those who are loved never leave us. I think the good things we share like love, friendship, fellowship, and brotherhood stick somewhere in us. And when people think of you and smile, you are with them forever...Our hearts are with you today Hermann...
  8. I would like to thank everyone for all of the thoughts, prayers, visits, calls, texts, etc. All of your acts of kindness are greatly appreciated.
  9. Austin Lee thank you so much for everything you've given this world and the people in it. You've meant so much to me over the years. I'll miss you forever.
  10. Heavy Hearts are at TRIOS --- We will be closed Thursday night (Feb 14th) so we can attend the funeral visitations for Austin VanBooven --- We will be closed Friday evening (Feb 15th) so we can attend the visitation for Amanda Witthaus --- and I just learned that my neice Jean Oetterer lost her Mother this afternoon --- My thoughts and Prayers go out to all of these families.
  11. My heart is aching for the VanBooven and Witthaus Families. There are two more wonderful young angels up in heaven now...watching over us all. Rest in peace Austin and Amanda, you both lived wonderful lives and have touched so many hearts! <3 Send strength and love to your friends and families and keep them safe.
  12. If you would like to share photos add them below.
  13. Please pray for my friend from high school, Brenda, and her family as her son was killed in a car accident today. Please pray for all the families involved and the community of Hermann. I am so sad and heartbroken for them. Please, please pray.
  14. Well I was almost going to complain about my kids being sick, passing it to me, missing work but after the tragic car wreck and loss of life, love and famly, I have nothing to complain about. My deepest sorrow to the Whithaus and the Vanbooven families.
  15. so what started to be a great day ended badly has everyone has heard we have lost another loved one again it just seems like it is always a family mumber we will always love and miss u cus :'(
  16. Prayers to all in Hermann, especially the Witthaus & VanBooven families. Both kids were great athletes, people, & friends to so many. It was an honor to coach them both & they will be greatly missed.
  17. That dreaded phonecall happened last night... Yesterday we lost a friend and classmate... This morning our program is brought together with grief. RIP Austin. Im asking for prayers for his family and friends...
  18. I still cant believe this... Amanda Witthaus you will be missed by many. I remember when you used to babysit me and I always looked up to you. I wanted to be just like you because you were a beautiful awesome person! Rest In Peace... AND Austin Lee where do I start? You were one of the greatest people I ever knew. You were always there for me when I needed you. I remember all those "Therapy" sessions we had and you would listen to me vent, mostly about volleyball. God you are the best and trust me those therapy sessions wont be ending so I hope you still listen. Miss you already buddy. Rest In Peace.