@GSElevator gets grilled...by a blue puppet

If you haven't heard of them, the foul mouthed puppets @PuppetsOH bring @GSElevator tweets to life on Youtube.

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  1. The puppets overheard that the alleged Goldman banker behind the anonymous account is now doing charity work and fending off a lawsuit from a pissed off banker.  He's also got an agent and is doing interviews with CNN….what’s going on? The blue puppet went looking for answers. But first we had to ask about Kate Upton. 

  2. @PuppetsOH
    She's the only person you actually follow on twitter...what's with your hard-on for @KateUpton
  3. @GSElevator

    It started as almost a joke in my mind – to make an arrogant point of only following one not-so-obvious person.  I picked Kate Upton because she is beautiful but also because she seems to be a favorite internet target for criticism which is totally unfair. When I followed her, I realized that she was following me… So I just left it there, because it’d be rude for me to unfollow someone who follows me.

    And I actually sent her a DM inviting her to a charity event. No response. #sadface

  4. @PuppetsOH
    What would you say to her if you were alone in an elevator with her?  (please limit your answer to 140 characters)
  5. @GSElevator

    Are u offended that Leonardo hasn’t asked you out? Is it b/c you are too much woman for him? So you’re saying he’s hung like a baby carrot?

    That’s 139 characters!!

  6. @PuppetsOH: We heard your favorite followers are @JimCramer, @MegynKelly and @MarissaMayer.  We had "fat chick in a tube top confidence" that we were one of your favorites...WTF?
  7. @GSElevator
    I was taken completely out of context. They asked me to name a few ‘famous’ people who follow me… And since I don’t spend much time trying to figure out who follows me, those names popped into my head… If I had any favorites, you guys would be right up there.
  8. @PuppetsOH

    We hear you’re writing a book, for a guy who’s writing is limited to 140 characters this seems like a challenge… you up for it?

  9. @GSElevator

    Judge for yourselves… I released a few stories last year, and received over 1mm hits. Below are a couple of examples. 

  10. @GSElevator

    Incidentally, the book is something that predates the Twitter feed. It's a collection of true stories highlighting the pervasive deviance, stupidity, and excess that exists across Wall Street. It just so happens that the Twitter account is a good mechanism from which I can proceed with the book.

  11. @PuppetsOH: What’s this we hear about toning it down? You told @CNNMoney your agent wants you to stop posting tweets that can be misinterpreted as racist...

  12. or misogynistic…

  13. But we all know that’s some of your funniest sh*t.

  14. @GSElevator:

    Just as Michael Jordan said, “Republicans buy sneakers too!” I have to be somewhat cognizant of not alienating an entire segment of the population.  But don’t worry… I’m not going to listen to my agent on this one.  I will still tweet the racist, sexist, and stupid things that people say, and I’m confident that people won’t judge or shoot the messenger.  

  15. @PuppetsOH
    By the way...does anyone at Goldman actually read @CNNMoney?
  16. @GSElevator:

    No, but global markets will grind to a halt any time Michael Moore is on Piers Morgan.

  17. @PuppetsOH:

    When the book comes out how’s your book tour going to work, will you wear a mask or do you need the puppets to do interviews for you?