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Slow Blows

Tonight's quest to go sub-30 didn't quite work out as I hoped by Ted Spiker (The Big Guy Blog, Runner's World)


  1. When my last 5K left me 19 seconds away from an under-30 time, I vowed to get back at it, shave the seconds off, and announce my arrival into the 20s. So I signed up for an evening run on a golf course (flat, with mix of grass and paths). Here's how it went down...
  2. In my last race, I started too quickly and couldn't hang on. This time, I wanted to control the pace at the start and finish with a strong push. But after mile 1, I was about 20 seconds off. I hung on and felt like I ran a much steadier race than my 30:19, but ended up actually losing two minutes and blowing my goal.
  3. I mean no harm to Yoda.
  4. My friend (and killer runner) Sue Meier posted this photo (from I <3 Run) on my Facebook Wall with the following message: "Geez, stop the obsession with the sub-30! It will happen. Train, Race, Repeat."
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  6. Gotcha, coach! Why does this drawing looks like a pancake and a sausage patty?
  7. Hopeless, absolutely hopeless...