Research is about inquiring, exploring, expanding, and extending the frontier of knowledge — it is about CREATING NEW KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge, in turn, is to be shared and disseminated to benefit society at large. So, let's publish & flourish!


  1. Vaccine research NVGH test tubes
    Vaccine research NVGH test tubes
  2. Writing a scientific paper is always very challenging—it's not an easy task, even for experienced scientist. That said, publishing the labor of our research is always part and parcel of a research process itself. However, we can only write a good, publishable paper if we BEGIN WITH GOOD RESEARCH. What constitute 'good research' then? This is a topic that need further elaboration itself, but in a nutshell — novelty, well-designed with proper sampling and control (control sample or controlled environment), well-executed and validated. This compilation of selected high quality resources on the pertinent aspects of research & publication should provide wealth of information and guidance for anyone aspire to excel in their field of research. Join me in this enriching journey...


  4. Publish & Flourish

  5. Publish and flourish? Getting your paper published especially in the premier/reputable journals is not an easy task. Most of the so-called high ranking international journals have 30% to 50% rejection rate (some maybe higher). There's always something new to learn everyday about scientific writing. Resources to help authors to write and communicate their research in a presentable or publishable from are always available. For example, American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications has launched the Publishing Your Research 101 video series to assist authors and reviewers in understanding and improving their experience with the processes of writing, submitting, editing, and reviewing manuscripts.

    To get started, read the following articles.
  6. Publishing Your Research 101 - Episode 1: How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research

  7. Publishing Your Research 101 - Episode 1: How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research
  9. Writing a Scientific Paper: One Ideosyncratic View
    George M Whitesides, 231st ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 26-30, 2006, CINF-017.
  10. Writing a Paper
    The paper below by G.M. Whitesides, from Harvard University, describes the very essence of good scientific writing. You can access the article if your institution is a registered Wiley Online customer or through inter-library loan. Details:
    Writing a Paper, Advanced Materials, 16 (15), 1375-1377, August, 2004, DOI: 10.1002/adma.200400767
  11. English Communication for Scientists
    For beginners and budding scientists, I highly recommend to start with this website.
  12. 10 things you need to know about the publishing process
    Insider tips on ‘telling and selling’ your story by the editor of Cell Reports, Dr. Boyana Konforti.
    Dr. Konforti has been a professional editor for over 14 years. At a recent Elsevier authors workshop hosted by Columbia University, she walked through the process by which papers are selected and peer reviewed, highlighting key points authors need to know about the publishing process. Must read!
  13. Elsevier's journal editors reveal the 8 top reasons a manuscript gets published. Must read!
  14. This is one of my own presentations on the topic of scientific writing and publication. Feel free to download and share.