GreenOvation is a mobile APP competition to help SMEs in the Philippines go green and support APP developers bring their ideas into fruition. Here are the winners of the 1st round, which will take place on Aug 29th in DENR, Manila. Check out the great ideas our creative participants came up with!


  1. Resource Efficiency

  2. Greenformation
    "Knowledge is power", the app developers say. Their application aims to be a one-stop collaborative source of information about everything MSMEs need to know on how to go green and help efficiently use, better manage and sustain green innovations.
  3. BEEKO
    The Berdeng Ekonomiya (Green Economy) app will serve as platform for MSMEs to share equipment and other resources. A newly created network will help all enterprises in becoming more resource efficient.
  4. iGreen
    A “6 in 1” mobile app which supports multiple hotspots in the field of greening. MSMEs are enabled to monitor the status on how "Green" their business is running.
  5. JuanBill
    This app's primary goal is to drastically reduce (if not eliminate) paper-based transactions & ecological footprint by introducing & implementing ebilling & epayment solutions to the society.
  6. Profityr
    An application that integrates to POS systems and provides e-receipt via e-mail, SMS, and on its own finance app - eliminating the printing of"paper receipts. It will help MSME's reduce their costs of doing business and can drive more sales by gaining insight into their customers’ shopping behaviors.
  7. Stitches
    This app wants to help to overcome distance, lack in monitoring and communication of green-minded individuals and MSMEs.
  8. Wrapp
    This App will be a trouble-free reference for business establishments concerning the packaging of their products. MSMEs can benefit from more eco-friendly products and packaging and various other features
  9. Carbon Track
    This app aims to give more accurate results and offline capability to track a companies' use of its carbon footprint in their daily, monthly and yearly operations.
  10. Resiklo
    Is an app that will help SMEs or even household owners turn all their recyclable waste into useful products which they can sell or donate.

  11. Green Supply Management

  12. Green Checklist
    Green checklist is an app that helps MSMEs to find out on how green they already are operating. It will check their systems, lights, waste, etc. and show how they can improve on it.
  13. InvesTree
    Investree wants to redefinine the way people invest in forest and tree plantations. Marginalized individuals who can not loan from banks because of small capital will get funding to develop their tree plantation programs.

  14. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  15. Solar panel on used for lighting village homes
    Solar panel on used for lighting village homes
  16. Ensa (EnergySaver)
    Ensa aims to control the use of electricity by switching the power source from Meralco to a battery/stored electricity and vice versa. During Meralco’s peak hours, the system can smartly detect and switch to battery consumption.
  17. Hapi Verdie
    This app aims to harness the power of the consumer to incentivize MSMEs to implement energy efficiency projects and source more renewable energy. The key will be gaining enough “critical mass” users both from the MSME patrons (current and future) downloading the App and the SMEs who are willing to participate.
  18. Solarize
    The developers want to provide a concise feasibility study of solar rooftopinstallation for MSMEs and home owners. Thus, Renewable Energy should become more attractive for enterprises, especially when combined with Net Metering and the Peak/Off-Peak program.
  19. ShakeStop
    Shakestop will switch off a home's or businesses' circuit breaker in case of earthquake, flood or fire using Arduino technology, seismic detectors and light sensors.
  20. Solar Hybrid Offgrid-Grid Management System
    This APP will help to increase MSMEs energy efficiency by providing assitance in the management of Solar Power systems. Does it make more sense to use the battery bank or the utility grid from Meralco?