20th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Riots

Twenty years ago today marks the beginning of the riots that ensued in Los Angeles after a team of police officers were acquitted of charges for the beating of Rodney King. People are recognizing the anniversary of the historic trial, and the violent response of the Los Angeles citizens.

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  1. Twitter and Facebook users took time to commemorate the tragic beating of Rodney King, and the riots that followed the trial.
  2. Can't believe Rodney King was only 25 when the cops beat him down. 20 years later...
  3. Other social media users used this time to reflect on how the city of Los Angeles, and the country is affected today.
  4. April 29, 1992. There were riots on the streets of LA. 20yrs later what has changed? I can't see anything that has changed except the date.
  5. 20 years ago today, riots in L.A. began because justice was not served for Rodney King... Today, we have kids getting shot and killed, and innocent people being profiled and arrested every day, and for some reason our judicial system can't figure out what to do with the people that are doing the shooting, profiling, and arresting... #ihaveadream
  6. Its been 20 years since the Rodney King riots broke out. How far has this country come? We'll see... trayvon martin... election 2012...