Droid vs iOS SmackDown at Princeton Public Library 10-23-12

Technologists John LeMasney and Khürt Williams debated the merits of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile device operating systems, respectively, in this fun and spirited program.

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  1. We had a lot of fun building up to this program because of the unique format of having it be a "SmackDown" - which was part debate and part Q&A from the audience. Lots of "trash talking" and kidding around happened on Facebook and Twitter prior to the event.
  2. The library has fun promoting this event on the night after the last presidential debate
  3. Lots of activity on Facebook for this event -shares, likes and comments galore
  4. Facebook Conversation about the Smartphone Smackdown
  5. Others outside the library got excited about our event and started tweeting and promoting on Facebook for us! For instance, The Dish with Hilary and Kristin (a regular feature of the Trentonian) posted about our event and got lots of comments... which led to the Trentonian deciding to livestream the Google Hangout within Scribble with a moderator!
  6. The Dish With Hilary and Kristin promote our event on Facebook
  7. The Trentonian promoted the Smackdown heavily both on Twitter and Facebook to draw an audience to their livechat event on Scribble that would stream the Google Hangout.
  8. The Trentonian newspaper set up a session using Scribble to follow our Google Hangout and allow live chat to happen with Joe from the paper
  9. Here is the Scribble page ready to go with the opening slide of the Google Hangout and a poll set up which shows that Scribble users favor Android heavily!
  10. We decided to create a hashtag and live tweet the event for extra fun and to make it easier to follow online (and to create this story on Storify, of course)
  11. Facebook Conversation about the Smartphone Smackdown
  12. We knew we had hit a nerve when random tweets from the community and local businesses began to appear about the smackdown.