EHR Timing - MU Stage 2


  1. 2014 Meaningful Use: A Gift to Providers and Vendors

    The rules and regulations regarding Stage 2 Meaningful Use for both Eligible Hospitals (EHs) and Eligible Professionals (EPs) include some much needed breathing room. This is true not only for those receiving the incentives but also their vendors. At EMRAdvocate, where we have worked with over 175 vendors on their certification projects, this is a welcome relief. Stage 2 Meaningful Use is the gift that keeps on giving.

    CMS: “For 2014 only: all providers regardless of their stage of meaningful use are only required to demonstrate meaningful use for a three-month EHR reporting period….CMS is permitting this one-time three-month reporting period in 2014 only so that all providers who must upgrade to 2014 Certified EHR Technology will have adequate time to implement their new Certified EHR systems.”

  2. Twila Brase: In Stage 2 MU, doctors and hospitals received incentive payments if they record the smoking status of more than 80 percent of all patients 13 years of older.
  3. 3. Base EHR and additional modules. Stage 2 requirements will also free many specialized providers from the burden of a full EHR system that has many components they may not use. To be Stage 1 compliant, providers needed to posses a complete EHR system that "had to meet all meaningful use benchmarks and cover all criteria A to Z," says Trivedi. In Stage 2, however, providers must posses EHR technology that "meet the base EHR de?nition and would support the objectives, measures and their ability to successfully report the clinical quality measures," says Trivedi. With this iteration, providers must only purchase what they need, he adds. "You don't need to have everything, you just need to have what you're attesting to for meaningful use."

    4. Transparency. Stage 2 requirements make the certification process more open and accessible to industry and the public. "Standards for certi?cation are required to be public," Amit says. "Now there's a requirement for anything certi?ed against Stage 2 to have the test results made public. It requires a vendor to attest how they have made things." With Stage 1, certi?cation groups only posted what criteria were certi?ed. Now they need to post results of the testing as well. Additionally, certification bodies would need to disclose additional types of costs, such as "monthly or yearly subscriptions for patient education manuals," says Trivedi. While vendors don't need to disclose a full-cost of EHR, this makes the costs involved more transparent and easy to understand.

  4. In August, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released the final battery of rules — known as Stage 2 — for how doctors should use electronic health records (EHR), but some have yet to computerize their offices to any degree at all.