EHR Patient Mandate


  1. Patient I.T. Engagement in Stage 2 is Policy Gone Awry

    During a presentation at the MGMA Conference, Travis Broome, a health insurance specialist at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, responded to the worries of practice administrators who insisted their patients are not interested in using patient portals necessary to meet Stage 2 meaningful use patient access measures. Broome said practices would have to push the use of portals.

    I ask Mr. Broome, is this meaningful use or meaningful coercion?

    Mr. Broome's advice to physicians is likely to REDUCE patient services by encouraging physicians to make certain services, which are customarily delivered interactively via telephone or an office consultation, available only online for the sole purpose of bumping up portal usage numbers, thereby favorably influencing the calculus of meaningful use.

  2. Somehow people think that when a patient's "mental status on 22 medications was such that she was not oriented to person, place or situation," that "certified EHR technology" reconciling medications is a compelling example of "patient empowerment."