EHR Data Source - Mobile Apps


  1. "The thing is, putting life’s messier functions into software can iron out the kinks. It can reduce wait times, process requests more efficiently and more fairly, and increase revenues and bottom lines, and that’s a good thing, I suppose. But in some cases, it also reduces the need for person-to-person communication, turning people into nothing more than data sources feeding into the app. This is where they lose me. It’s not that I’m not sold on the general “betterness” of their system for X. It’s that I’m not convinced we should be digitizing every aspect of our lives simply because we can, and because there might be money to be made by doing so."
  2. "What if planting crops in FarmVille only happened when you burned calories in real life? That’s what Striiv, a fitness startup in Redwood City, Calif., is hoping to accomplish with its new app, launched last week."

    Here's an idea: What if you actually burned calories by actually planting crops?

    This is a very strange reversal. Usually technology is about recreating the real world in a digital world environment. Here the call is to create in the real world realities as seen in a digital world ... which are based on the real world!

  3. This is what's behind the push to shift from talking about "patients" to "consumers."