EHR Dangers


  1. Usability Dangers

    Margalit Gur-Arie: “It doesn’t really matter how many user-centered usability experts the government regulates that EHR vendors employ, because it’s not about the buttons and the clicks, it’s about what the buttons do.”

    TechCrunch: The current EMR design is an abomination.

  2. Not only is EHR technology not neutral, it is dangerous to patients.

    Medical errors related to medication and clinical process are common and deadly. These errors “occur weekly or more often.”

    One institution was surprised to see their rate of child mortality more than double as a result of implementing an order entry system.

    We do not have data on when these technologies fail and cause harm.

    As long as electronic medical records are not classified as medical devices, reporting problems is not required.

    There is no safety agency nor reporting system related to HIT software.

    The FDA concluded in a report that “significant clinical implications and public safety issues surrounding health information technology.”

    Not only is reporting not required in many cases, it may not be allowed by the vendor.

    We do not know what would make an EHR safe.