1. Welcome to our TweetChat on why women's voices matter! #IWD2017 Take a moment to introduce yourself :) https://t.co/n6LB8f6042
    Welcome to our TweetChat on why women's voices matter! #IWD2017 Take a moment to introduce yourself :) pic.twitter.com/n6LB8f6042
  2. Thank you for joining us. We're hoping for this conversation to be informative and inclusive. #IWD2017 #SDG5
  3. Most historians r male & hardly focused on gender dimension&role of wom in a par/lar period of time,a good research area #iwd5 @pinthecreep  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/840225739165245440 
  4. @pinthecreep A1 social media is free and can be used to provide safe spaces to share experiences, educate and advocate for change. #IWD2017
  5. @pinthecreep A1 Women's voices are imp & matter. We experience a bigger share of inequality, discrimination and injustice. #AVitalVoice
  6. But why? Bec women were immersed in domesticity & childwork.Historians, psychoanalysts, thinkers, philosophers, were all male #SDG5 #IWD2017  https://twitter.com/usriroy/status/840226667624833024 
  7. @pinthecreep history text books in India r rather region specific n focused more on regional heroes
  8. Tarabai Shinde, Janki Ammal, Subbulakshmi, Tudrama Devi #IWD2017 #SDG for eg, but only Bec I tried to find out. Our books are filled w/ men  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/840228255609188352 
  9. @pinthecreep but how much have we heard of them? Everyone knows Socrates, Aristotle, Plato....#SDG5 #IWD2017
  10. @pinthecreep @Usriroy correct, we don't hear about other women leaders. There are tons out there. But we don't hear their story. #iwd17
  11. we now need women voices to represent us in political, policy and decision making positions #SDG5 #IWD2017 @pinthecreep
  12. @Usriroy absolutely! But that's about all we get to hear right? We haven't heard of Durgabai Deshmukh or kamladevi chattopadhyay!
  13. @anupamaskapoor not at all. Maitreyi and gargi are only two of the many women who were philosophers and thinkers #IWD2017 #SDG5
  14. @Usriroy true. Last year the CBSE removed a whole section on women and the caste struggle #IWD2017 #SDG5
  15. @pinthecreep A3 Invisibility of women has put a social stigma stating that only men are capable and women are just for home. #SDG5 #IWD2017  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/840230775689691137 
  16. Will alsways remember how Jayalalitha was molested in TN Parliament #SDG5 #IWD2017 Men have imbibed women's place tb the kitchen  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/840230775689691137 
  17. @anupamaskapoor yes! But they should do a good job of it. If they say rubbish like that hormonal outburst comment... #IWD2017 #SDG5
  18. A4:1/1 you r already doing it, but I feel that to go beyond google &comm refernces we need to involve ppl from various regions @pinthecreep
  19. A4: 3: ppl may question abt authenticity, ve we ever much questioned abt all the heroic act of male heroes in history @pinthecreep #sdg5
  20. @pinthecreep A4 Mapping oral histories projects and re-writing narratives are other options institutions could explore. #IWD2017 #SDG5  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/840233289403133952 
  21. @pinthecreep @Usriroy I don't know whether it's a positive or negative move by CBSE
  22. @pinthecreep @Usriroy as new generation should under the struggle made by these women however it should not be an issue
  23. @visharda @pinthecreep yes Sharda know about Lilavati, Gargi, Maitreyee as our school houses were named after them
  24. Women were always a part of history. Be it Vijaya Lakshmi Pundit, Savitribai Phule or Sarojini Naidu. #IWD2017 #SDG5  https://twitter.com/pinthecreep/status/840225739165245440 
  25. @Usriroy @pinthecreep That is amazing. A great way to just get people to think and engage in conversations #IWD17 #SDG5
  26. Thank you all for a phenomenal chat this evening! #IWD2017 #SDG5 added.