Things Get Electric at School Committee Meeting

Tweets from the March 13, Facilities and Finance Committee Meetings. (Oh yeah, $56 Million budget discussed too.)


  1. The announcement that Fright night football games are in jeopardy for the coming fall season has woken the community up to the need to find a way to pay for the replacement of the poles that hold up the lights that make night events possible in Grigg Memorial Stadium.

    Thursday night, the matter was taken up for discussion at the school board facilities committee, a meeting attended by seven out of nine board members, and a small crowd of members of the community.
  2. Weand said some years ago, Boyertown had one of its wooden light polls fall onto the field. "This is not a wish list, it's a need."
  3. Superintendent Jeff Sparagana said later that the district's athletic director has warned the other teams in the league that Pottstown may not be able to play games on Saturday nights, and to prepare a schedule that has Pottstown's football games played Saturday, but that is not yet set in stone.
  4. That way, they said, the field can still be used for events that require speakers just in case not enough money is raised in time to replace the poles, the lights and the new wiring before the football season starts in the fall.
  5. For his family, says Fetterman, "Friday nights have become very traditional. We go to the stadium to hear the band and to watch the football team play. It's where we go Friday nights."

    He said the estimated cost of as much as $300,000 is "less than I thought it would be. It's a very manageable amount."
  6. Fausneght, who sheepishly described himself as "a future quarterback," said the student body is preparing to get together and organize fundraising activities. 

    "I can't live without sports in my life," he said. "We're going to raise money as fast as we can.".
  7. Resident Diana Stick represented the parent organization at the middle school and said her group is already gearing up to raise money for the cause. She said any fundraising efforts should also include the elementary schools too. 

    "Those children will be entering high school soon enough," she said. "We should make their parents accountable now."
  8. School Board President Judyth Zahora also noted that the Friday night games are also a part of the tradition of the marching band, and they too would be affected. "About half the kids in our high school either play in the band or play football," she said.
  9. Weand says she has been hearing from the community that they want to ensure the continuation of Friday night games.

    She and her husband, Borough Councilman Dan Weand, have volunteered to spearhead a dance marathon over the Memorial Day weekend, with the dancing beginning at 3 p.m. Saturday at Pottstown High School, and the "last couple standing" as late as 5 a.m. Monday.

    Money would be raised by charging the dancing couples, as well as the spectators.

    "This would bring the community together," Weand said.
  10. Dissatisfied with the location of additional outlets in the recently renovated Barth Elementary School rooms, the teachers there have asked for changes, a request which comes with a $125,969 price tag.

    Franklin Elementary School teacher Lindi Vollmuth, at the meeting representing the teacher's union, says the outlets are not in convenient locations for charging and plugging in electrical devices, and that the Barth teachers want "equity" with the outlet plans for the other three elementary schools where, presumably, the outlets will be located where the teachers need them. 

    The request, not a new one, spawns a rambling debate with many board members speaking over each other and Robert Kripplebauer, director of buildings and grounds.

    "This is our opportunity to do it, and do it right," said Kripplebauer, pointing to the fact that the district already hsas an electrician in town working on the other buildings and in arguing against further delay of a decision.
  11. "That's not true," Zahora replied. "You know we agonize over every Band Aid we take out of the medicine cabinet."