Visions of Halloween

Tout videos by Mercury Reporter Evan Brandt and Photos by Mercury Photographer Kevin Hoffman of Wednesday night's Halloween Parade in Pottstown

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  1. #Pottstown Halloween parade kicks off with PHS marching band. @MercuryX
  2. Fire trucks and the Temple of Terror float make their way down the #PottstownHalloween parade. @Mercuryx
  3. #Pottstown Middle School plays Soul Man during the #PottstownHalloween parade. @MercuryX
  4. PAL and costumes are all part of the #Pottstownhalloween parade
  5. #Pottsgove High School band marches by in costume playing "Thriller." #PottstownHalloween @Mercuryx
  6. Lots of flame with the infamous flaming hearse and Boyertown's Twirling Reflections. @MercryX #PottstwnHalloween
  7. Impact Twirlers, another haunted hearse and the end of this year's #PottstownHalloween parade. @MercuryX