Pottstown Goes All Miss America

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  1. Prior to setting off for Atlantic City on Saturday, parent volunteers from the Pottstown Schools Music Association spent Friday night, above, in the snack bar at Pottstown High School's football stadium. The money raised from the snack bar supports music education in the Pottstown School District.
  2. Despite the expression below on drummer Aiden Owens's face (second from left) the Pottstown High School band really was happy to be in Atlantic City for the Show Us Your Shoes Parade for the return of the Miss America pageant to Atlantic City. Also pictured below, from left, sporting their Pottstown Trojan-ware, are Neil Fuerman, Lon and Stacey Kratzer and Middle School Band Director Ben Hayes.
  3. Of course, some of us had to fight for our free seating. My wife and I having held this park bench, in the shade for two hours, this nice lady with the Jamacain accanet snatched up my half when I got up to shoot the photo above. As a compromise, she offered to share it with me. I took her up on her offer. Little did she know that I had my sharp and bulky key chain in my left pocket. After five minutes, she got up and left. Victory is mine!
  4. (Not really sure Miss Pennsylvania got the point of saying "Hi Pottstown," but hey, we tried right?)