Council Was Almost NOT A-Twitter

Tweets from the Potstown Borough Council meeting of Monday, May 12, 2014


  1. We now join our Pottstown Borough Council meeting already in progress...
  2. That's Art Green sitting there, as he does faithfully every month, to report on happenings at the Pottstown Regional Public Library.
  3. This is the house that was fixed up using Vo-tech students from Pottstown High School. Flanders said the profit was about $7,500, but was consumed with final details to get it ready for sale. A few hundred bucks left to get started on the next house, which he said may begin in September.
  4. Here is the story I wrote about the effort in 2012.
  5. As the Ambucs solicited contractors to repair the cracks on the Wilson Street hill between State Street and Farrington Avenue, Flanders said the contractors volunteers to mill and re-pave the whole road for a contribution of $7,000.

    Given that it might cost $30,000 to pave that portion of road, that's quite a savings, Flanders said.
  6. Here's more on the borough's Comprehensive Plan from , where else, The Digital Notebook blog, your source for all things Pottstown. (OK, most things. I'm only one guy.)
  7. She is no doubt referring to the recent meeting seeking public input on the Mongtomery County Comprehensive Plan .... not to be confused with the Pottstown Comprehensive Plan .... which is of course being written by planners from, you guessed it, Montgomery County.

    Anyway, at a second meeting last month, see below, one of the things that came up was the desire for a pool to replace the now-defunct Gruber Pool, which was located in Memorial Park. At that meeting, residents were told it would be better to include that goal in the borough's comprehensive plan, hence the mayor's comment that last night was a good time and place to express that wish.
  8. If you want more information on the COUNTY comprehensive plan, now being written, click the link below:
  9. She is referring to this: