Comings, Goings and Deals in Lower Pottsgrove

Tweets and Touts from the Lower Pottsgrove Commissioners Meeting of Monday, May 5, 2014, slightly re-arranged to make more sense to you, dear reader.


  1. This was a matter of some concern for school district officials with Pottsgrove Schools Superintendent Shellie Feola saying earlier that the township might ask for as much as $640,000 in fees, which is not in the budget for the $28 million project for which bids were accepted last week.
  2. After the architects gave their presentation, which noted that the project will take three summers and two school years, with a completion date of Aug. 25, 2016, Commissioner Jonathan Spadt spoke for the board, which had come out of a closed-door executive session to discuss, among other things, "a potential lawsuit."
  3. In the audience was Pottsgrove School Board President Justin Valentine and board member Rick Rabinowitz.

    Township Solicitor Robert Brant (no relation to this Tweeter) said the township needed some indication from the school board whether the offer to cut the fees to $220,000 was acceptable.

    Valentine said he would take it back to the school board, but indicated he thought the offer would be well-received.

    "I think we can come to agreement on that number," he said.

    Before voting, Township Commissioner James Kaiser noted that he hoped the school board would expand its offer to let youth programs use its facilities to the $1.3 million artificial turf field that is part of the project.

    He indicated that some of these things had been discussed during a "special meeting" the commissioners held April 28.

    "There has been a lot of time and effort put into working together to try to reach a resolution on this issue," said Foltz.

    Brant noted that the township staff had been instructed to "accelerate" the review  of the project, noting that the prelimiasry and final site plan review approved that night by the commissioners had been done at the same time, which saved the district 90 days.