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A Night with the Pottsgrove School Board

In case you couldn't make Tuesday's Pottsgrove School Board meeting, and you forgot to follow Mercury Reporter Evan Brandt's live tweets, this is a collection of those Tweets from the Pottsgrove School Board meeting of Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014


  1. Arriving a little late for the meeting, our intrepid reporter only caught the tail end of this presentation. Look for a full story @
  2. Next up, Pottsgrove High School Principal William Ziegler gave a presentation on classes he would like to add, and remove, from the high school's class offerings next year.
  3. Next on the agenda was Michael Wagman, the district's director of technology, who outlined a plan to improve Pottsgrove's use of technology in the classroom. Needless to say, there was some technical talk...
  4. Finally, the board engaged in a lengthy discussion of a proposal to bring in an outside consultant to audit and make suggestions to improve the district's gifted program. Ultimately, the board approved it, 5-4, with members Rick Rabinowitz, Patti Grimm, Kelley Crist and Matt Alexander voting against it.

    Rabinowitz, Alexander and Crist all expressed a desire to use in-house resources to achieve the goal and save some money.