A Bucket Full of School Board

Tweets and videos (including a few Tweeted back to me from the Twitterverse) from the April 8, 2014 Pottsgrove School Board Meeting.


  1. The anti-bullying program the second graders at Ringing Rocks explained revolves around the idea that bullies empty other students' buckets of good feelings, while the goal should be to be a "bucket filler," something that can only be done with kindness and understanding.
  2. See, I told you there would be video.
  3. Pottsgrove Anti-Bullying 1
  4. OK, My bad. This is NOT the Buddy Bench, that comes later. Sorry folks. It's late.
  5. Then it was on to more sobering subjects, like the budget.
  6. None of that money, said Nester went to the classroom.
  7. In the 2011 state budget, the district basically lost $1 million in funding, said Nester. The district reduced staff in response. "That was a tough budget year," he said.

    "We're still not back at the (state) funding levels we were five years ago," Nester added.
  8. In planning for the next budget, the administration has identified $277,000 in cuts as well as $300,000 in savings from the current health plan. The result?....
  9. That "index" tax hike is 2.7 percent.
  10. That calculation assumes no new state revenue for education.
  11. The "rate collars" Corbett has proposed for the pension rates "will multiply the problem over time," said Nester. He recommended that if the rates the district has to pay drop as a result of the state budget, that the board keep money in the reserve fund to pay for inevitable rate hikes in the future.