Porter Novelli's New Age in Aging Panel

How the generation that changed the world is going to change the face of retirement


  1. As 78 million Baby Boomers become seniors they are smashing stereotypes and changing the face of retirement. They are creating new expectations for themselves and for the generations that follow. How do we market to these evolving consumers? 

    On Dec. 12, Porter Novelli Public Services in Washington, D.C. convened four thought leaders in aging to explore the implications of this changing audience in the "New Age in Aging" panel. The panel was moderated by Bill Novelli, Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University and Founder of Global Social Enterprise Initiative.

  2. Moderator (Far Left): 
    Bill Novelli, Professor, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University and Founder of Global Social Enterprise Initiative

    Panelists (From Left to Right):
    Jodi Olshevski, M.S., Gerontology; Executive Director – The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
    Carole Feldman; News Editor – The Associated Press; Coordinator – The Aging in America Initiative
    Robin Maril; Legislative Counsel – Human Rights Campaign Foundation
    Alan Murray; President – Pew Research Center

  3. The question woven throughout the entire panel discussion was simple - what is the impact of this renegade generation? 
    There are more than 10K+ peopler per day turning 65+ and these people are dreamers and entrepreneurs.
  4. Many Baby Boomers see themselves at technology adapters. How does this audience use technology? Many are using it to keep in touch with family members according to Alan Murray and to research health issues.
  5. Technology is also being used to keep seniors more mobile, which keeps them engaged with the community longer according to Jodi Olshevski of the Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence.
  6. Aging affects different communities in many different ways. Many LGBT Baby Boomers have experienced harsh discrimination throughout their lives, it is the job of health care professionals communicators to find an effective way to reach this demographic. 
  7. Retirement is going to look very different for Baby Boomers - many are delaying retirement much longer. Boomers are delaying retirement because they are satisfied with their jobs, they want to keep their minds active and they have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is changing the dynamic of the workplace across the country. 
  8. What is the impact of boomers as consumer? They must be treated as individuals. Each persons' wants and needs will be different.