Students protest for free education

Students from universities across the UK gathered in London to protest against tuition fees and maintenance grant cuts.


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  2. The protest was organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) and was backed by the National Union of Students Executive Committee (NUSEC).
  3. SOAS students playing the drums today for the student protest in London for free education #nus #london #grantsnotdebts #freeeducation #education #votd #pktwitter
  4. Demanding free education and living grants, the NCAFC says it can be achieved by taxing the rich.
  5. I spoke to Hannah Webb, one of the organisers from the NCAFC and UCL student, about the protest. She said that education is becoming more and more out of reach for poorer students with the maintenance grant cut and the hike in tuition fees.
  6. She added that this is particularly exacerbated in London, which has an incredibly high cost of living.
  7. 'Many students are struggling to get by and are actually living under the poverty line', Webb said.
  8. Supporting the cause, MP and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell spoke at the protest.
  9. John McDonnell speech at student protest London
  10. The protest set off from Malet Street and proceeded through Convent Garden, down through Westminster, past Downing Street, and by the Home Office, ending outside BIS offices in Victoria.
  11. Towards the end of the march, police and protestor clashes began. Beginning with words, it ended with violence by the Home Office and BIS building by 4pm.
  12. Protesters at front of Kettle complain to police at #GrantsNotDebts march
  13. Students arrested, brawl with police at free education protest, London
  14. The protest has been backed by the NUSEC. According to research by NUS, 56% of students feel their degree was not worth the cost of their tuition and 77% felt worried by their levels of debt.