Hardcopy or #Hashtag?: The main event

“Hardcopy or #Hashtag?” is a culmination of the most innovative ideas from young people on how digital technology can increase youth engagement with Parliament and the political process.


  1. Between 8 September and 20 October, 2014 the Political Studies Association (PSA) and the PSA’s Parliaments and Legislatures Specialist Group organised a series of workshops in schools and universities across the UK asking young people to explore how youth engagement can be enhanced through digital means. Read the Storyfy of the workshops:
  2. On 17th November 2014, 26 students showcased their ideas to an audience of young people, digital experts and academics in Parliament, before “Hardcopy or #Hashtag?” concluded with an interactive vote from the audience for the best overall idea:
  3. The build up to the event was exciting:
  4. Here is how the "Hardcopy or #Hashtag" unfolded on the day... The #PSAPW event began with students exhibiting their ideas to the audience with posters they had designed:

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  7. Then the audience took their seats in the Attlee Suite, Portcullis House.
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  9. Each winning idea from the regional workshops was presented to the audience in a 1 minute pitch. This was then followed by questions from the floor and the panel.