SPECIAL REPORT: Lyme disease: No small thing.

Twenty-five years after Lyme disease rose to prominence, solutions to controlling the spread of ticks and infection remain in an early development stage. Follow our special series on Lyme disease, looking at what's being done to confront the spread of the disease in NY's Mid-Hudson Valley region.

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  1. Find Parts 1 and 2 of our installment on Lyme disease written by The Journal's projects reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer, @MaryBethPf on Twitter. The last two articles within our Lyme coverage were reported on and written by John Ferro, @PojoEnviro, our environmental reporter. Click the link below to see our past coverage and individual stories:
  2. SPECIAL REPORT: Part 2 of The Journal's series on Lyme Disease, looking at doctors facing scrutiny over Lyme treatment in our region: pojonews.co/PzvbNR. Got a question about Lyme disease? Our reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer will host a LIVE chat on Facebook Thursday, August 23 at 7 p.m. with some answers. Catch it LIVE, here: pojonews.co/QJWWjm. Or you can click the CoveritLive tab on the top right of our page.
  3. #Dutchess Leads Nation in Lyme. Surprising? The Journal took an intensive look at Lyme disease and its repercussions in the #HudsonValley. See more of our in-depth report online. Check back for more of the series on Lyme disease in Sunday's Journal. instagr.am/p/Obnqr7AynO/
  4. Part 1 in a series on Lyme disease. Sunday's Part II will look at doctors facing scrutiny over Lyme treatment.
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