Our live podcast debate on how to value Edtech

We debated the question on how to value Edtech through a live podcast, which launched London Edtech week!


  1. 19/06/2017: Starting off the week with a Live Podcast in collaboration with Nesta and supported by Cooley LLP; by all accounts, a very popular event....
  2. Good game faces from Richard Taylor, Lucy Heady, Bukky Yusuf and Matt Johnson, the panelists-to-be
  3. Helen Goulding from Nesta kicked off the event with some welcoming words:
  4. After this, Ben Gill spoke to us about RocketFund and played a great video on the topic; and then James Weatherill from Arbor talked about investing for impact
  5. Vipul Bhargava, Edtech and International Schools specialist at the Department of International Trade, then opened the debate regarding "Is Edtech a Thing (yet)?" The question initially came up as a result of a conversation with M&A analyst who concluded that from a financial point of view, it wasn't.
  6. And now for the main event! Sophie kicks off the live podcast
  7. Some important points were made from the outset....