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ICAR (Arabidopsis meeting) 2015

5 - 9 July 2015, Paris The full program is here


  1. The venue and menues were excellent, the talks were fantastic, the organizers did a wonderful job, the WiFi let us down.
  2. A few of us managed to obtain and share a special WiFi channel and we made our best effort to capture the terrific science. There are more tweets than I assembled here (we even managed to get #ICAR2015 to trend in Bristol, UK briefly) - Search twitter for #ICAR2015 to see them all.
  3. The conference started Sunday evening 5 July with with a keynote lecture from Elliot Meyerowitz
  4. MONDAY 6 JULY. Monday morning had two plenary sessions. The first, Nutrition and Metabolism I, featured Anne Osbourn, Wolf Frommer, Wolfgang Dröge-Laser, Nicole Linka and Chris Town. (We hadn't sorted out the WiFi at this point so tweets were scarce....)
  5. MONDAY 6 JULY. The second plenary session on Monday morning, Plant Growth and Development I, featured Dolf Weijers, Ottoline Leyser, Andrew Millar, Sebastian Wolf and Hongwei Guo.