Betsy Plank

Betsy Plank, known as a PR pioneer, a champion of PR education and the First Lady of public relations, achieved expert stature in positions not reached by previous women. Betsy devoted much of her time to advancing public relations education, consistently and passionately advocating for the profession’s students.


  1. Betsy Plank Defines Leadership in Public Relations
  2. Betsy Plank Shares How University Educators Can Help PR Students Develop Leadership Skills
  3. Betsy Plank Recommends Leadership Book
  4. Betsy Plank Shares Career Advice to PR Students
  5. Betsy Plank on Teaching Leadership
  6. Betsy Plank Shares PR Leadership Requirements
  7. Betsy Plank Discusses Skills and Values in Public Relations
  8. Betsy Plank Shares Her Success Factors
  9. Betsy Plank Shares Several Characteristics of Excellent Leaders
  10. Betsy Plank Talks Leadership Development
  11. Betsy Plank's Hall of Fame Induction
  12. Betsy Plank 2009 PRSA Student Summit
  13. Betsy Plank Details her Journey to Public Relations
  14. Betsy Plank Describes the State of Public Relations
  15. Betsy Plank Shares Career Advice to PR Students
  16. Betsy Plank Describes Her Education Days
  17. Betsy Plank Discusses Ethics, Leadership and Alexander Hamilton
  18. Betsy Plank: Skills Needed to Succeed in Public Relations
  19. Betsy Plank Shares Her Memories of Her Time at the University of Alabama
  20. Betsy Plank: Challenges in the Future Public Relations
  21. Betsy Plank's View on Public Relations in a Democratic Society
  22. Betsy Plank: What was the Public Relations Industry Like When You Entered It?
  23. Betsy Plank Discusses her Biggest Career Challenge