Increasing Food Crisis in South Africa

These articles explain why the famine is surging through Sub-Saharan Africa. This decrease in food production is due to droughts, floods, increase in food prices globally, and an expected increase in population.


  1. This article focuses on the shortages of food in Zimbabwe and the effects that it is having on the other countries around it. This increasing famine is due to a major drought in the region that is cutting the product growth in half. This article also examines how Zimbabwe can so quickly decline from having a secure amount of food to being desperate for it.
  2. This article adds two more causes to the widespread famine. It says that drought is a huge factor as the article above explains, but it also states that floods and increases in food prices around the globe have hit southern Africa hard. The families that used to proudly own livestock, are now selling it in these dire situations.
  3. This article raises yet another concern when talking about food shortages in Sub-Saharan Africa. It warns that if the production of food and crops does not increase by at least 50% then the demand for food that is not produced will only grow larger. The reason for this is because the population is expected to double in the next 30 years.
  4. After Catherine Bragg came back from her trip to Africa, she stressed that South Africa and Zimbabwe were quickly losing their resources due to recent natural disasters. She explained that this food shortage does not effect other countries around the world, but as humans we have a duty to help the suffering people of these countries.
  5. This article combines all the facts from the other articles above. At the end of the article, it states that U.N. is urging the struggling countries, and those around them, to do two things. First they must make up for the food shortages so that there is not an increase in starvation. Second, these countries need to increase their disaster preparedness to try and avoid such drastic effects on the country's resources.