Brazilian President Of Google Arrested

Judge ordered that Google President Fabio Jose Silva Coelho be arrested after his company refused to remove a YouTube video that undermined a running candidate.


  1. BBC News gives the facts of this story rather plainly. It doesn't go into much detail, but gives a quick overview of the situation.
  2. This article gives further details about the imprisonment terms, as well as how other countries are reacting to the video. My favorite part is a direct quote that was taken from President Obama, "The strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech."
  3. The Times of India focuses on Google's responsibility and liability in cases like these. The author incorporates the recent controversial video that offended the Islamic community, and points out that internationally Google is getting hit hard with charges that it feels is invalid.
  4. Here we see that Mr. Coelho was only to be held for 24 hours, and that he would be released once he obeyed the court order to remove the video. I find it interesting that he had such a strong view about his company's stance that he was willing to go against the orders of a Judge.
  5. India Today's article about this story is interesting because it looks more into the laws that the Judge used to convict Mr. Coelho. It mentions that legal experts claim that such internet regulatory laws really need to be modernized, and that this case underlines this fact.