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Ashoke Dinda the record breaker.


  1. Pune looked to have started their game well when Mumbai Indians started with the bat. Mumbai managed 11 runs in the first two overs. It looked like an alright start for Pune's bowling attack. Enter the great Ashoke Dinda, the breaker of records and the man with the headband.

    He gave away 17 runs in his first over. At first you might think, everyone has a bad over sometime, but not Dinda, he went and set a record for the worst IPL 4-over spell ever.
  2. While Dinda broke records, Angelo was just being nice to the audience.
  3. The best part about Dinda's spell, he showed the world that his headband actually has magical powers.
  4. The best aspect of his bowling a small part of his action, his jumping. Everyone who noticed his secret talent for jumping made the most of this new revelation and tried to provide him with analyses and career suggestions.
  5. In the end there can be only one conclusion. There was only one man who could have broken this record. That man is Ashoke headband Dinda.